Get Started with zkEVM

zkEVM Chain marks a groundbreaking milestone as the first zero-knowledge scaling solution designed to be a seamless counterpart to an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its integration is such that it maintains full compatibility with existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets. This integration extends to the very core of the Ethereum ecosystem, ensuring a smooth transition.

zkEVM Chain's innovation stems from its adept utilization of zero-knowledge proofs, a powerful cryptographic tool. These proofs play a pivotal role in the reduction of transaction costs and the substantial amplification of network throughput. Importantly, these enhancements are achieved while upholding the robust security standards established by Ethereum.

For developers eager to embark on the journey of building decentralized applications (dApps) on zkEVM, the process is a breeze. The transition involves a simple switch to zkEVM's Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interface, opening the door to a network characterized by significantly increased throughput and reduced fees. This feature streamlines the development process and provides developers with a familiar EVM-like environment in which to create and deploy their dApps.

One notable highlight is that zkEVM Chain ensures a consistent and familiar experience for both developers and users. There is no need for specialized tooling or the adoption of new wallets when building and interacting with zkEVM. This means that existing Ethereum-based workflows can seamlessly transition to zkEVM, offering a frictionless experience for all participants in the ecosystem.

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