The zkWallet App provides a user-friendly interface for seamless management of your crypto assets. Easily monitor and control your complete crypto and NFT portfolio from a single platform. With zkWallet, accessible on mobile and desktop, you'll enjoy a streamlined experience to efficiently manage your crypto assets. Let's delve deeper into its exceptional offerings.

Why zkWallet?

Using zkWallett, you have the flexibility to choose between building an app with an in-app wallet, or a standalone wallet itself. This has its advantages:

  • Rapid development: we provide a complete wallet SDK with functions including transaction abilities, NFT displays and trading, signatures, etc. This reduces development time for you and ensures security for users.

  • A complete UI interface: zkWallet provides a variety of highly adaptable UI interfaces for different app styles and scenarios.

  • Supports the use of independent functions: to ensure the continuity of user experience, we support the utilization of a single function in a specific scenario. For example: to transfer funds, the user can call on a "transfer" page rather than having to enter the wallet.

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