zkEVM Design Philosophy

zkEVM Chain's Design Philosophy:

  • zkEVM Chain is a holistic solution that prioritizes privacy, decentralization, compliance, and transparency in credential networks.
  • It focuses on end-to-end zero-knowledge processing and selective information disclosure.
  • Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) grant users a high level of control over their personal data.
  • The platform complies with existing and future regulations, making it suitable for various industries, including finance, gaming, travel, and social media.


  • zkEVM Chain follows a privacy-by-design approach, ensuring that personal data is processed automatically on end devices or within a decentralized oracle network.
  • This approach prevents unauthorized access to personally identifying information, with data shared only when necessary.
  • Users maintain full control over their information and can revoke verification permissions on a project-by-project basis via their mobile phones.

Decentralization Commitment:

  • Trust-building determinations and computations are handled by a decentralized network of node operators, minimizing the risk of protocol manipulation and eliminating reliance on proxy verifications.

Transparency and Open Source:

  • All essential algorithms for running the infrastructure undergo regular audits and are open source, fostering the development of additional credential use cases.
  • zkEVM Chain can process and cross-pollinate credentials across identity silos, allowing users to leverage credentials associated with their web3, real-life, or web2 identities.
Architectural Overview