Total Supply: 100,000,000 zkEVM tokens

Token Name: zkEVM Chain

Symbol: zkEVM



  1. Liquidity (12.5% - 12,500,000 zkEVM tokens):

    • This portion of the tokens, amounting to 12,500,000 zkEVM tokens, is allocated to provide liquidity to the zkEVM ecosystem. Liquidity is essential for the smooth functioning of decentralized exchanges and other financial applications. These tokens will be used to facilitate trading and ensure that there is enough liquidity to support zkEVM transactions.

  2. Public Round (25% - 25,000,000 zkEVM tokens):

    • The Public Round consists of 25,000,000 zkEVM tokens, which represents 25% of the total token supply. These tokens are typically reserved for Presale Round.

  3. Team, Advisors, and Future Hires (10% - 10,000,000 zkEVM tokens):

    • To incentivize and reward the team behind zkEVM, as well as advisors and potential future team members, 10,000,000 zkEVM tokens are allocated. These tokens serve as incentives for the development team to ensure the long-term success of zkEVM. Advisors and future hires may also receive tokens as part of their compensation.

  4. Community Incentives (5% - 5,000,000 zkEVM tokens):

    • The Community Incentives pool, containing 5,000,000 zkEVM tokens, is designed to engage and reward the zkEVM community. These tokens can be used for a variety of purposes, such as community programs, bounties, airdrops, and initiatives aimed at fostering a strong and active zkEVM user base.

  5. Ecosystem, Development, and Treasury (10% - 10,000,000 zkEVM tokens):

    • This allocation of 10,000,000 zkEVM tokens is intended for the development and expansion of the zkEVM ecosystem. It includes funding for ongoing development, partnerships, and building the zkEVM treasury. These tokens are essential for ensuring the sustainability and growth of the zkEVM platform.

  6. Network Rewards (37.5% - 37,500,000 zkEVM tokens):

    • The Network Rewards pool, comprising 37,500,000 zkEVM tokens, is used to incentivize network participants. These tokens may be distributed to validators, stakers, miners, or other contributors to the zkEVM network who help secure and maintain the blockchain. Network rewards encourage active participation in the zkEVM ecosystem.

These allocations are designed to provide zkEVM with the resources needed for development, adoption, and network security while rewarding various stakeholders in the ecosystem, including the community, developers, and network participants.

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